Videos: 2
  • Feb 25, 1992
  • Russian Federation
  • blue
  • blond
  • 5'4" | 163cm
  • 32B (US)| 70C (EU)
  • 24 | 61
  • 32 | 81
  • 6 | 36

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Latest comments

I think nude should be her default setting. People who want to see Olli with clothes, should have to pay, because clearly there is something wrong with them.

Ogens, 1 year ago

Да-а у-у-ж.... В Рашке по ходу можно таких вот матрёшек по деревням нарыть лопатои столько, что во все "Плэибо...

klaidy, 1 year ago

She's so perfect... I would love to see more of her...

Anonymous, 1 year ago

If she doesn't fuck or suck, what good is it?

Anonymous, 2 years ago

I agree with "Lefty"'s comment -- Ollie is one exquisitely beautiful & off-the-fucking-charts sexy young "fuck bunny" that I would pay thousands of dollars to tuck her for real!!!

Anonymous, 2 years ago