The Naughty Patient!

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Alysa aka Alysa Gap

July 16, 2011
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The Naughty Patient!

Alysa’s pictorial and HD video will give you the opportunity to imagine yourself as a doctor in a very sticky situation! That is, Alysa is in some kind of medical office complete with anatomy charts, but she’s doing everything she can to seduce any healing professional within a hundred paces! Yes, it must be tough to be a doctor if your lovely patient does naughty stuff like Alysa here: tease with her panty crotch, flash her boobs, spread her pussy lips, pull apart her ass-cheeks, and generally writhe around on the examining table until the only course of treatment could be giving her a firm and satisfying fuck!! Every time I see a medical set like this I’m reminded of why it’s a good thing I never became a doctor, which is what my father wanted me to be; no sirree, with my pornographic imagination (which developed precociously at an early age) I would have had a boner every time a good looking patient laid down on the table, and who knows what kind of messed up diagnosis I would have given the poor lass?? Not to mention the trouble I might have gotten into for cumming in my pants while she stared in astonishment at my lack of medical ethics!!!

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