Just One More!

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Vanda Lust

April 10, 2013
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Just One More!

Vanda is the picture of academic devotion as her new scene opens today. She sits on a couch, eating popcorn from a bowl, as she goes over a book for one of her classes.

Her schoolgirl outfit is so fetching, from her tie to her vest to her red plaid skirt to her white knee socks and black patent t-strap wedgies. But then her studying is interrupted by a delivery man. And what could this be in the box? Why, it’s a gift from an unknown admirer, and it is...judging by the instruction manual...and the dildo...a Sybian machine! Vanda and her girlfriends read about that in a women’s magazine once.

Vanda gets comfy for the machine. Opens her blouse, tugs down her white cotton panties, rubs the dildo against her plump shaved veegee.

Oh my. My oh my...

It feels so good to sit on the Syb! And the dildo, attached to the red saddle, goes all the way up inside Vanda’s cookie. Naughty Vanda, she wishes a boy could be here too to fuck her asshole while she rides the Sybian! Dirty-minded Vanda. She only looks innocent.

She gets comfy with her new gift on the couch, holds the remote, and lets that dildo fuck and fuck and fuck her. But have to get back to studying soon! Maybe after one more orgasm...? Just one more...?

Vanda’s dirty erotic video will make you cum like crazy!

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