Birthday: May 12, 1992
Bra size: 32B (US)| 70C (EU)
Height: -
Waist: 25 | 64
Hips: 36 | 91
Shoe size: 7½ | 38
Eye Color:
Blue Eyes
Hair Style:
Brunette Medium Hair
Ass Style:
Curvy Ass Medium Ass
Tit Style:
Natural Tits
Tit Size:
Medium Tits
Skin Color:
Medium Skin
Pussy Style:
Shaved Pussy
Model Style:
Babe Athletic Gothic
Body Art:
Tattoo Piercing
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Do you like boys or girls?

I fancy women more but they haven't got a dick nor are they as strong as men so I'm half and half.

What is your favorite position?


Do you like older men?

Yes, they are more nature experienced.

What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?

Black and skimpy.

What is your opinion of porn films and magazines?

Sometimes they can be tacky as hell but if its done in a good way with hot women I'm all for it.

When and where did you lose your virginity? Did you enjoy it?

I was 14 and I was baby sitting, it was shit.

Favorite color:


Romantic Status:


Favorite bands:

Noisis, Black Sun Empire, Reel Big Fish, Sublime. It varies to my mood.

Do you have any pets?


What part of your body do you consider your best?

My eyes.

When I give head, I´m a spitter/swallower.


I hate/like/love anal sex.


Have you ever had sex in public?

Yes a few times.

Ever had more than one love at once?

Yes I attended an orgy a few weeks ago There were 30 of us.

What kind of men do you like?

Stong, dominate, older.

What´s the best way for a man to pick you up?

Get me drunk haha:).

Describe your ultimate sexual fantasy.

I like to play rape so being tied up and used over and over nice and rough.

Reason for posing.

I love it I always wanted to be a model not necessary adult but I really enjoy it even more then normal modelling.

Do you have any hobbies?

I go to tattoo conventions, festivals, events in my spare time.

How often do you masturbate?

Varies but at least once a day.

I hate/like/love giving head.


What is your favorite food?

I like spicy food.

What is your ambition in life?

I just want to be happy give my son what he needs, nothing else matters.

Are you bisexual? What kind of woman do you like?

Yes I like natural looking, slim women.



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