Date of birth:March 25, 1992

Country:Russian Federation

Eye color:blue

Hair color:brown

Height:5'4" | 163cm

Bra size:34AA (US)| 75A (EU)

Waist:23 | 58

Hips:33 | 84

Shoe size:6 | 36

They say Russian born girls are the kinkiest, and with the Federation having given us Liona and scores of others, we have to believe this to be true. Little Liona flounced into the industry in 2013 and began getting her ultra freak on right away. She's got a desire within that cannot and will not be tampered and refuses to let up. The sexy starlet let us in on a little known secret about her and that is that she has Agalmatophilia, an arousal to statues. Put her in a park and this girl is going to have an orgasm at the very site of a sculpture without even touching it, mind you. She has a doll like innocence that we can't get enough of with her pouty lips and big doe blue eyes, but we know she's a dirty doll who likes to be played with in a kinky kind of way.